Aura Air

The only system undergoing Covid-19 Clinical Trials.

How safe from Covid-19 aerosols is the air in your community spaces and meeting rooms?
We have the technology to filter and kill virus aerosols.

This ‘new to the world’ Israeli mini-filtration system is the first product in the world to successfully undergo Covid focussed clinical trials. It can filter out and kill 99.7% of virus aerosols. New research shows that these particles can stay airborne for up to an hour, irrespective of social distancing.

For a good size (700sf) community room this small unit can filter air aroound 6 times per hour continuously monitoring the air to keep it pure. The real-time data it generates helps you to remain safe, reassure clients, and reduce your downtime between consultations.

Purchase from Adjutor Wellness for £500 installed

Wall or ceiling mount or suspend on hanging mount.

Adjutor is a social enterprise business committed to sustain healthy and safe air in the workplace

Jonathan Lex  B.Eng(hons), C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E
Director/ Partner- Adjutor Wellness Ltd

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