Aura Air

The only system undergoing Covid-19 Clinical Trials.

How safe from Covid-19 aerosols is the air in your consulting room?
We have the technology to filter and kill virus aerosols.

This ‘new to the world’ Israeli mini-filtration system is the first product in the world to successfully undergo Covid focussed clinical trials. It can filter out and kill 99.7% of virus aerosols. New research shows that these particles can stay airborne for up to an hour, irrespective of social distancing.

In an average size consulting or meeting room this small unit can filter the air around 6 times an hour continuously monitoring the air to keep it pure. The real-time data it generates helps you to remain safe, reassure clients, and reduce your downtime between consultations.

Product can be rented or purchased through Adjutor Wellness Ltd.

Wall or ceiling mount or suspend on hanging mount.

Adjutor is a social enterprise business committed to sustain healthy and safe air in the workplace

Jonathan Lex  B.Eng(hons), C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E
Director/ Partner- Adjutor Wellness Ltd

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