Concerned about the right type of facemasks to protect your staff? 

Are some of your staff still shielding at home and needing enhanced protection to support their return to the workplace? 

As the lockdown eases and Covid cases decline over the summer, are you preparing for a tougher end to the year?

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We are a local company, based in Hampshire and West Sussex, and we work directly with the manufacturer to ensure quality and timely delivery right to your door. It’s great that movement and business activity is increasing. Some of us may even get a holiday in over the next few weeks but the relaxing of attitudes may cause significant issues and local lockdowns may increase. Most of us recognise as we start to shop, socialise and return to work that our ability to protect ourselves outside the home needs to go up not down. There’s been a lot of mixed messages about mask wearing but more or less every country in the world  and the World Health Organisation is coming down on the side of wearing masks to reduce the likelihood of spreading Covid. If you  work caring for older or vulnerable people, mask wearing has become a way of life over the last few months. This article seeks to give advice on protecting yourself as well as those you are looking after.

Will a second wave come?  Well in some places like Israel it already has, and reported cases are higher than the first wave. Mercifully, as older folks continue to shield, the mortality levels are much lower. It looks as though this virus, as with influenza, doesn’t like the warmer weather, but we need to guard against and be prepared for a tough winter period. This can be helped by having really good risk assessments and methods in place. This includes making wise decisions on what masks will protect you, your staff, and your clients and customers.

I’d really like to slay a couple of myths:

MYTH # 1 is that reusable homemade masks work. They just don’t.

Don’t take my word for it. Read what an expert says: In a test 1607 healthcare workers participated, who wore the masks for 4 weeks during their shifts in the hospital and performed procedures…… Their results indicate that the penetration of the medical mask by the particles was 44% while the penetration for the cloth mask was almost 97%.”

Read the Science Direct Article

So wearing a homemade mask has a 3 % success rate in stopping particles compared with a 56% success rate over 4 weeks with a medical  (surgical) mask. Please only use homemade or cloth masks as a last resort or outside. They are better than nothing but wearing the correct mask such as a Surgical Mask to EN14683:2010 Type llR will project those around you a lot better.

MYTH # 2 is that the surgical masks are designed to keep you safe. Their main purpose is to protect those around you.

In fairness the jury is still out on this, as a good surgical mask, ( eg to EN14683:2019 grade llR ) will stop most liquid droplets if someone coughs on you or is talking right in your face. Reports show that surgical masks can give you a reduction factor of up to 6 compared to a properly adjusted FFP respirator can provide a mean reduction factor in exposure of 100”.

Read the HSE Article

A recent analysis by a group of global doctors and backed up by the World Health raise concern that Covid virus is not just spread in liquid droplets that fall out of the air quickly but also by airborne partials that can stay around in the room for a while.

We at Adjutor Wellness Ltd can help with the selection and supply of face masks and respirators. We’ve tried different sorts from different manufacturers and have come up with the best surgical facemask and the best FFP2/KN95 certified respirator we can find. They are the ear strap type and are fully certified to the correct European (CE) code. We’ve sent someone to the factory to check the documentation and they checked the Certified Body in Italy who issued the factory with their CE accreditation.

We are running a business but have decided not to make a profit on this side of our work.

This is reflected in the prices we offer to you.

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