Aura Air
Clinically proven to kill 99.7% of virus aerosols including Covid-19

"The Uber-Protector..."
Our Aura Air filtration system not only captures and kills virus aerosols it also performs a real-time particle count to show how pure the air is. With one £500 unit we can create at least 6 air changes per hour in an average sized consulting room. The particle counter measures the quantity of PM2.5 - PM10 particles in the air and adjusts the machine's performance accordingly. 

This data will build confidence with your patients and allows you to monitor the effectiveness of shorter fallow times between appointments.

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"Aura Air is different. It's more like a security camera for your air."

The NEW Generation of Air Purification & Disinfection TECHNOLOGY

Aura Air targets and disinfects 99.7% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and VOCs. It removes gasses and captures 99.7% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens

Aura Air is an all-in-one indoor air purification and quality intelligence system, Aura Air filters and disinfects indoor air through a unique multi-stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time.


The Pre-Filter catches large particles of dust, pollen, insects, animal hair and other large particles. The Pre-Filter is easy to maintain and has a key role in conserving the quality of the device.



Aura's patented filter. The Ray-Filter™️ consists of three parts:

99.98% effective particle filter of 0.3 microns

2 Carbon Layer
Absorbs VOCs and bad odors

3 Smart Copper Fabric
A smart fabric consisting of a copper layer filter that filters and kills viruses, bacteria, and more.


Effective in neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and parasites by destroying the proteins on the cell membrane.


The Sterionizerâ„¢

A component-based on the technology of bipolar ionization. The Sterionizer generates positive and negative ions – just like those found in nature – that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above. In neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and parasites by destroying the proteins on the cell membrane.

"Aura Air is different. It's more like a security camera for your air."

Reduces Fallow Times between patient appointments.

Locating the unit very near the patient ensures the most effective and efficient removal of airborne droplets and the destruction of viruses, AS THEY ARE EMITTED.    For this reason, the time to disinfect the room after the procedure should be able to be substantially reduced.
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"A unique triple attack on Covid 19"

Often Opticians rooms are small and not so well ventilated.
Patients and staff were re-assured by seeing the benefits of Aura Air on their smartphone App in real-time.
During a 24 hour / 7day trial we measured over 370,000 discrete readings measuring air quality in the consultation room.

Much more effective than just UVC - Light

Measures and Displays  Real-Time Airbourne Particulate Levels.

PictureThe Aura Air Filter system accurately measures and displays PM2.5 and PM10 particulate and pollutant levels in real-time - on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer Display - useful in providing feedback of the level of airborne particles in the room - particularly critical in dentistry. The Aura Air Filter system also accurately measures and displays VOC, Humidity, CO and CO2 levels.Picture
Real time monitoring of air quality for staff safety and patient piece of mind.
Aura Air

A small unobtrusive unit that can fit on a wall or a ceiling near to the optician and patient. 

The most powerful floor standing filter located in the corner of the room will not prevent you from inhaling potentially lethal, local aerosol droplets.  In fact, they will churn up the air in the room and may potentially increase the chance of infection.

Aura Air. £500. Reduce the risk to staff and clients.
Aura Air half the price of other less effective units on the market.
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We believe that Aura Air is the first Filtration/Purification/Monitoring system in the world currently undergoing extensive efficacy tests, specifically related to its ability to reduce the levels of the COVID-19 Coronavirus aerosol droplets in the air, using a combination of a patented Copper impregnated HEPA Filter, the patented Sterionizer and UV-C light.  These Clinical Trials are taking placing in a special laboratory at Sheba Medical Centre* that diagnoses and measures the levels of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in Laboratory conditions, using the latest, state of the art RNA measurement equipment - each unit costing nearly £100,000.
* Sheba Medical Center was ranked earlier this year by Newsweek as one of the Top 10 Hospitals in the World.


Summary excerpt from the White Paper published July 2020


Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, which has treated more than 300 COVID-19 patients since March 2020, is piloting the use of the unique air filtration, disinfection and monitoring system from Aura Air, spanning almost the entire duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The compact Aura Air system has now also been tested in staff rooms, operating rooms of patients diagnosed with the virus and rooms of at-risk patients.
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